Certified User Program - Fact Sheet

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Certified User MesoHABSIM Program - Fact sheet

There are three levels of Certification:

  1. User: consultants who learned the method and apply it under the oversight of the experts.

  2. Expert: Experienced user capable of training the users

  3. Developer: Experienced Expert with competence to develop and improve the methodology.

  1. MesoHABSIM User Certification will include:
    1. Starter Package consisting of:
      • Sim-Stream08 Software
      • Electronic field protocols for Handheld Computers
      • Users manuals
      • 3 hrs first project design support
      • 5 days MesoHABSIM training
      • Rushing Rivers Online presence (as partner)
      • Access to discussion forum and utilities software vault

    2. Continuous software update
    3. 12 hours annually of project tutoring
    4. Unlimited project review and quality certificate
    5. Every partner is obliged to the review of the first three projects

  2. MesoHABSIM Expert Certification (after 3 approved and certified projects)
    1. MesoHABSIM Expert certificate allowing for
      • Teaching courses
      • Recruiting MesoHABSIM Users

    2. The course syllabus must be approved by the Rushing Rivers Institute
    3. All course evaluations need to be submitted to Rushing Rivers Institute.

  3. MesoHABSIM Developer Certification 
    1. MesoHABSIM for Developer certificate (after 3 courses with good evaluation average) allowing for:
      • Recruiting First and Second order partners
      • Incorporating modifications to the approach with approval of Rushing Rivers Institute
      • Project quality certification

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